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5 Best Cheap Ecommerce Platforms for Starting Your Online Store in 2022

You can, for example, begin with a basic online store – as Ecwid’s free package happens to provide all the essentials for creating and customizing an ecommerce site.

Then, once that’s up and running, you can go ahead and set up parallel selling channels on social media; third-party sites running on platforms like Weebly, Wix, and WordPress; marketplaces such as eBay and Google Shopping; brick-and-mortar stores running POS systems; as well as remotely in-person through mobile point of sale applications.

Most importantly, though, Ecwid is largely renowned for its exceptional versatility in converting pre-existing websites into a fully-fledged online store. This is the type of solution you turn to when you intend to venture into online selling with a website that you’ve been running, instead of building one from scratch.

The base package here, in fact, is completely free of charge. It provides just enough features to set up and maintain an ecommerce store.

If you intend to expand, though, you’ll have to pay at least $12.50 per month, which is still within the range of prices you’d expect for the best cheap ecommerce platforms. Upgrading to this premium level allows you to unleash the real power of multichannel selling.

The bottom line on the best cheap ecommerce platforms

Going by all the features and pricing plans we’ve explored across our best cheap ecommerce platforms, it’s evident that you don’t need thousands of dollars to launch an online store. While a solid web development budget might make things easier, a solopreneur or small business can still manage to get everything running with just a few dollars.

The free offerings, on the other hand, are best reserved for beginners who’d like to try their hand at online selling. At least the packages provide just enough tools to create a basic ecommerce website, manage your inventory, host customers, and conduct digital transactions.

? Most importantly, though, you ought to keep in mind that:

  • WooCommerce and Bluehost combination is best reserved for WordPress users,
  • Shopify Lite is meant for sellers on social media,
  • Square Online suits brick-and-mortar businesses that intend to expand into the web,
  • Big Cartel is exclusively optimized for creatives and artists,
  • Ecwid has got your back if you’re looking to transform a pre-existing site into an ecommerce store.

Whichever you end up choosing, it would also be wise to take the DIY route during the web design and customization stages. This will not only keep your costs at a minimum but also sharpen your store administration skills. Remember that the deeper you get to understand your online store’s architecture, the better you’ll be able to manage it!

Do you have any questions about these ecommerce platforms? Feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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