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46 Proven Social Media Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Brand

Are you looking for social media marketing ideas that really work?

There’s no question that social media is becoming more and more competitive by the day. And if you don’t step it up, your competitors will outperform you on different social media platforms. That’s why coming up with a sound social media marketing plan is so important.

But that’s easier said than done.

But don’t worry. In this post, you’ll learn some of the best strategies that online marketers use for their social media campaigns.

Let’s begin.

Facebook marketing strategies

Facebook remains one of the best social media networks for building an online community. Here are a couple of social media marketing ideas for this particular platform.

Update your Facebook Business profile

Making small changes to your profile can go a long way toward acquiring new customers. Some businesses have had their profiles for so long, they’ve completely forgotten to update them. 

For starters, you can update your profile tabs to include new products and services. You might also want to check your contact information to see if all of them are still working.

Post Facebook Reels

Meta—Facebook’s parent company—really wants to compete with TikTok. So the company is pushing its users to post short-form content using its Reels feature. Regardless of whether Reels is able to compete with TikTok or not, there is an audience and a demand for it. 

If you use Reels the right way to promote your business, you can expect some users to end up on your Facebook page.

Use Facebook Live

Live streaming is a fun way of interacting with your followers on social media. And you can use it to introduce your followers to new products and promotions. Try going live at least once a month to interact with the community.

You can experiment with video formats such as contests, Q&As, seminars, and more.

Pin important posts

Why is it important to pin Facebook posts? You can use a pinned post to highlight an important message you have to share with social media users. Marketers can also use the feature to display a post that has a lot of engagement.

A pinned post also works great for announcing events and promotions.

Get reviews

Potential customers would like to see reviews before buying a product. That’s why you should have positive reviews wherever you can. If you can incentivize users to leave reviews on your Facebook account, that would be great. 

Make it as easy as possible for your followers to write a review. For example, you can provide the link to where they can leave their reviews so they don’t have to look for them themselves.

Connect with your audience

Some marketers make the mistake of treating social media channels like advertising platforms. That’s not the right attitude. You can’t just use social media to sell. You need to use it to connect with your fans.

Even responding to positive and negative comments will help build trust in your community.

Instead of focusing on products alone, tell stories about the company, its employees, advocacies, and customers. Companies tend to do better when their followers feel like they’re part of something bigger.

Work with influencers or other brands

Collaborations are a fantastic way of breathing life into your Facebook Business profile. This is especially true if you’re working with influencers or brands your followers deeply care about. It also opens you up to new followers since you’ll get exposure from your collaborators as well.

So it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Switch up your posts

Facebook users want to see some variety in their feeds. If you keep posting the same type of content, you’ll lose fans over time. So don’t just do product posts. Switch it up by adding other types of content.

You can also highlight different events and causes in your feed to spark interest from your community.

You do post tutorials, infographics, tips, or lifestyle shots. 

Post user-generated content

You can ask your followers to talk about your brand using a specific hashtag. Afterward, you can go over all the entries posted under the hashtag and feature them in your Facebook feed by reporting them.

Posting content published by your followers will make them feel more connected with your brand. 

Go on Facebook groups

Not all marketers take advantage of Facebook Groups which is a shame because active groups have thriving communities that they should explore. 

Don’t make the same mistake. Engage with groups that relate to your niche. You can help answer questions and provide recommendations. Because you’re a subject-matter expert in your field, you’re in a unique position to provide the information Facebook users might need.

Twitter marketing strategies

The future of Twitter is uncertain. When Elon Musk took over, he immediately fired half of their staff and retracted the company’s work from home policy. Then 1,200 more employees left in response.

Whatever the future has in store for the platform, it still makes sense to maintain a presence there, and have a social media strategy in place.

That said, for most businesses, it still makes sense to maintain a presence so you’re not caught off guard by all the changes caused by the acquisition.

Get Twitter verified

Twitter made changes to its verification process so that everyone can get a blue checkmark for $8 a month. 

This decision has brought into question whether businesses can still benefit from getting verified. Why? Because originally the blue tick was only given to noteworthy individuals. Now, anyone can get it.

Is it pointless for companies to pay for verification? Only time will tell. While it doesn’t carry the importance it once did, it may still be worth it for some.

Update your Twitter profile

It’s good to check your Twitter profile every once in a while just to make sure that it’s still up to date. You probably know that your Twitter handle is fine. But what about your bio? When did you last update it?

If you do see a need to update your bio, inject some personality into it. Add a link to your site if you haven’t already. And, pinning a location is a nice touch for local businesses.

Run a poll

Running a Twitter poll is a quick way to get your community to engage. Not only that, polls also give you an opportunity to know what matters to your followers. If you’re going to make massive business decisions, you can consider looping in your fans by posting a poll to see what they think.

You can also run polls to do teasers or have a laugh.

Use visual elements

People love to use Twitter to talk. But words can only get you so far. If you want to get your message across more effectively, you’ll need to add visual elements. Add photos, videos, infographics, GIFs, memes, or whatever image you think would help.

You can use visual elements in your awareness campaigns to draw your followers’ attention to your announcement.

Videos are great for introducing new products and features, especially since you can only say so much via text.

Do your research

Don’t assume that you know what your target audience wants to see. It’s not the same for all brands. So do your research. Look at what your competitors post on their Twitter accounts and see if these types of posts resonate with their audience. Take note of which posts get the most engagement.

If you’re in the food industry, for example, see what works best for your target audience. Do they like seeing photos of food? Or do they prefer getting links to recipes?

Use a consistent tone

Some marketers have trouble using a consistent tone when posting on Twitter. And the problem is made worse when there is more than one person managing the account. 

You don’t want to confuse your followers. You can’t be funny in one post and then be serious in the next one. That shift in tone might put off some of your followers.

There are some brands that have a reputation for taking a humorous tone on Twitter like Wendy’s.

It’s good to have a checklist of what you can and cannot say in your tweets. 

Instagram marketing strategies

Instagram just recently admitted that it’ll start prioritizing video content over still images. How will that affect your social media marketing strategy? Should you be concerned? Here are some ideas that can help you stay relevant on the platform.

Switch from a personal to a business account

Instagram has a feature that lets you convert your personal account into a business account for free. If you’re running a business or simply want access to more features, you should do it. 

A business account gives you access to different stats that you can use to make adjustments to your social media campaign. For instance, you’ll see how many people get to see your Instagram posts.

Get verified on Instagram

There are businesses that don’t try to get verified because they think the requirements are hard to meet. Even worse, some wouldn’t even know where to begin. Even a small company has a chance of getting verified as long as your brand has been featured in numerous publications (sponsored posts don’t count).

Will getting verified get you more followers? It could. At the very least, people who want to follow you will know that they’re looking at the right Instagram account.

Optimize your bio link

Clickable links aren’t allowed in standard Instagram posts. This means the link in your bio needs to do more.

Optimize your bio link - example

Instead of linking directly to your website, link to a ‘bio link page’. These pages are a type of landing page that are designed specifically for social media.

There are two types:

  • Button – This is just a simple page that contains links to your most important content. This could include lead magnets, opt-in form pages, product pages for ecommerce sites, your about page, contact page, and more. 
  • Feed – These pages replicate your IG feed and allows you to input links for each of your posts. Making all of them clickable. So, the next time you say ‘link in bio’, your followers will be able to find the URL easily.

Both are optimized for mobile devices and can be created easily with a link in bio tool. It’s worth noting that not all tools support both types. The button type page is the most common.

However, Pallyy, an affordable social media management tool, includes both types of bio link pages.

Have a call to action

When you have a call to action, users will know what to do after consuming your content. Do they go to your site? Do they leave a comment? What do you want them to do?

Unfortunately, Instagram still doesn’t let its users insert a link in posts. But you can add one in your bio. If there’s a landing page you want them to access after looking at your post, make sure to make a note of it in the caption.

You can use a third-party bio link tool to insert more than one URL as a workaround to Instagram’s link limitation.

Post videos

Instagram really wants its users to start posting videos. These days, you can get discovered by users more easily if you use Instagram Reels. So use it. While photographers might wrestle with the idea of posting videos, businesses shouldn’t hesitate. 

It’s a great way to introduce yourself to people who may not have heard of your brand before. You can cut down old clips you have stored somewhere and use that for content. And you can look into user-generated content if you don’t have any videos you can use right now.

Invest in better images

You have to step up your game if you want to compete with some of the bigger brands in your field. Posting low-quality photos without any concept behind them will make you seem amateurish. You need to do better than that.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional photographer—or hire one for that matter—to come up with photos that are worth posting. With proper planning, you can even use smartphones to take eye-catching images.

Decide on a specific aesthetic for your account

Your Instagram profile should have one aesthetic to make it look cohesive. Having a specific look is more important on Instagram than on any other social media platform. It’s what users expect from brands, especially those in the fashion category or other related fields.

The aesthetic you choose will become a part of your branding. So you’ll want to think about it really hard before committing to an Instagram look.

TikTok marketing strategies

TikTok is the hottest social media site right now. It’s no coincidence that Instagram and YouTube are finding ways to boost their respective short-form content library. And it’s well worth incorporating into your social media marketing plan, if it makes sense.

If you’re still not on TikTok, here are tips on how you can get started.

Work with other TikTok creators

TikTok is all about community. If you want to grow beyond your audience, you’ll have to see which creators are getting traction and see if you can work with them on videos. Of course, you’ll want to collaborate with a creator that fits your branding. And it helps if both of you have the same target audience.

If you’re not big enough to draw the attention of the bigger stars, you can work with upcoming stars instead.

Be aware of trends on the platform

It seems like there’s always a new trend in the world of digital marketing. And no other platform embraces trends like TikTok. Always see what’s popular on TikTok and try to capitalize on those that make sense for your brand.

You also need to have a sense of humor if you want to connect with TikTok fans.

Trends can include music too. So also keep an ear out for what people like to listen to on the platform. Use trending music in your TikTok posts.

Publish fun content

The TikTok posts that thrive on the platform are the fun ones. After all, that’s what the app is trying to sell its users. So if you’re going to take yourself seriously on TikTok, you’re not going to win over potential followers.

At the very least, you need to post something that will excite your TikTok followers.

Find a way to make your TikTok account relatable. Learn to humanize your brand. 

Post the right amount of content

Posting content on TikTok is a balancing act. If you don’t post as much, you won’t get enough exposure. And if you overdo it, your followers might find you annoying. You need to figure out the right amount.

Some marketers will tell you that posting once every two or three days will be enough for brands on TikTok. While celebrities and influencers can get away with more, businesses might not be as lucky.

Use hashtags

Yes, there are perks to using hashtags on TikTok. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll end up on the For You page by using hashtags, you can appear in relevant searches if you do. 

But how many hashtags should you include in your TikTok post? Three hashtags seem to be the lucky number. But regardless of how many you add, you have to make sure that you’re using only the relevant hashtags. 

Check out the competition

This can apply to strategies across all social media platforms. But TikTok, in particular, is always changing. So it would help if you check your competitors’ TikTok accounts every now and then just to see what they’re doing.

You can then take inspiration from what they’re doing right or come up with an approach that’s completely different from theirs. The latter can help you stand out from the pack by offering content that TikTok users in your category are looking for.

Note: If you need more help with TikTok, check out our article on How To Get More Views On TikTok.

YouTube marketing strategies

YouTube is more than just an online video streaming platform. Online marketers consider it a social media platform now. And you too should consider it as such. Here are some surefire ways to spice up your YouTube presence.

It’s also the second largest search engine on the web. Second only to Google. As such, it’s not a platform to be ignored.

Establish an identity

YouTube has to be one of the best social media platforms for businesses that want to build an identity. Not only can you customize your videos however you want, but you can also use your YouTube profile page to let people know who you are as a company.

With that said, you’ll want to have consistent channel elements. This includes your profile image, channel description and trailer, URL, and banner image. 

Your video intros, descriptions, and titles also play a huge role in getting discovered and gaining followers. You’ll want to take some time in figuring out all of these details.

Publish YouTube Shorts

As was said earlier, social media platforms are embracing short-form content. YouTube is no exception. The video streaming site is heavily promoting its YouTube Shorts as an alternative to TikTok and Meta’s Reels. 

Shorts are a great way to connect with fans of your brand who are mostly on mobile. 

The one thing you should be aware of is that Shorts are uploaded in a vertical orientation. That means repurposing your existing content for Shorts is possible but not that recommended. That’s because of all the issues that it could cause like awkward cropping or bad video resolution. 

You’re better off shooting content for Shorts separately. 

Improve the quality of your videos

Businesses can’t afford to upload low-quality videos. If you want to compete, all your content should have good production value. Fortunately, even entry-level cameras these days can deliver high resolutions. What you have to pay attention to is the editing. Good editing can make or break your videos.

If you have the resources for it, you can have an editor work on videos. It would even be better if you have someone who can add effects to make your content even more engaging.

Interact with your commenters

It’s so easy to upload a video on YouTube and move on to your next project. However, it’s just as important to interact with your viewers through the comments section. 

Yes, some of the commenters can be hurtful at times — and that’s putting it mildly. But there are fans in there that believe in your brand. Engaging these people in conversations will only help your reputation grow.

Besides, the comments section gives you an opportunity to not only learn about your audience but address concerns they might have about your company and products.

Promote your other social media accounts

A social media marketing strategy should always include cross-promotion between platforms. However, that’s not as easy to do on other social channels like Instagram. But YouTube makes it so easy.

You can, for example, flash your social media handles on different sections of your video and include them in descriptions for each video. It’s also not that uncommon to find social media links in the video description. 

Livestream events

Don’t think that livestreaming is just for gamers. Brands can stream their events too. Not only do you get the opportunity to interact with your community in real-time, but you’re also giving people who can’t be there in person the chance to be part of the festivities.

Note: If you want to learn more, check out our post on how to promote your YouTube channel.

LinkedIn marketing strategies

LinkedIn is the best platform for businesses that are trying to market themselves to other businesses. If you’re in the B2B category, this social media platform should be your first stop. Here are some ways you could stand out on LinkedIn.

Connect with the right people

With LinkedIn, you’ll need to find and connect with the right people. You need to be a part of the conversations that matter in your industry. Find individuals who work for businesses that could be potential customers. Go interact with their posts. Try to build a relationship with them without being aggressive or pushy.

Complete your profile page

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn caters to more business-minded people. That means they don’t mind reading a ton of information about your business. You should absolutely take advantage of this.

Share your company’s history. Explain in detail what it is you do. Talk about its founders and what the brand is setting out to accomplish. Don’t forget to include company assets and information like your logo, website URL, company size, and category.

While you’re encouraged to add as much data as you think is necessary, keep it at a reasonable length.

Publish industry-related posts

You’ll be surprised at how many companies fail to publish industry-related posts on their LinkedIn accounts. That’s such a missed opportunity especially since this is the one platform where people would gladly consume that sort of content.

Treat LinkedIn like an extension of your website. Publish articles that you think people in your industry would like to read. You can also link to a blog post or two if you don’t think a LinkedIn post would provide sufficient space for the topic.

Add visual elements

LinkedIn is comparable to Facebook in that you’ll need visual elements to stand out in the feed. So if you’re going to publish a post, make sure that you include a photo or video. Infographics will also work. 

Having visual elements will translate to better engagement. You can even use a slideshow to get your message across more effectively.

Promote your LinkedIn account

Unfortunately, users don’t tend to look for a brand on LinkedIn instinctively. Someone might look you up on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok but they probably forget about LinkedIn — unless you remind them to.

So don’t forget to add a link to your LinkedIn profile on your website. You should even promote it offline if you could. For example, those that have business cards should include their LinkedIn profile on top of their contact information.

Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are spaces where you can meet other users. By joining groups, you increase your chances of meeting someone who might not have heard of your brand before. That makes it a great way to introduce your brand to a whole new audience.

What makes it even better is that you can find niche groups. You can join groups that are already interested in the same things that you are. 

You can create your own group too if you can’t find one in your category.

Talk about your company

You can use your LinkedIn profile to talk more about your business and the people behind it. Discuss plans with your audience. Show them what you’ve got going on behind the scenes. Share an anecdote or two. You can even use your business profile to share lessons you’ve learned as you grow your company.

Snapchat marketing strategies

If you have a younger target audience, consider getting active on Snapchat. Some social media promotion ideas are well-suited for this platform.

Be more casual

Snapchat is a platform where people embrace those that are true to themselves. That philosophy extends to brands. Your profile doesn’t have to be polished. You only need to be real.

That’s why your content needs to be more casual and playful. And you’ll need to show that you have a good understanding of what’s trending in your industry. Remember that you’re interacting with a younger audience. You need to be able to keep up with them.

Create a Snapcode

Snapcodes are Snapchat’s version of a QR code. People scan it so that they can access your profile much faster. It just makes it more convenient to connect with other Snapchat users. If you have brand-specific filters or lenses, you can use Snapcodes to share them with your fans.

You can create a Snapcode in seconds. You can access it through the settings menu.

Each Snapcode contains a URL that you specify. If people scan your Snapcode, they’ll get redirected to your landing page. You can print the code onto any of your marketing materials for easier access.

Talk to other Snapchat users

Communicate with other Snapchat users to gain more exposure on the platform. You can look at their snaps and start following them if you’d like. If you come across Snapchat influencers, consider working your way toward a collaboration. 

There’s no reason to be shy on Snapchat. If someone sends a direct message, you can respond freely (unless there’s a clear reason not to).

Post regularly

Snapchat users need to post regularly to be successful. After all, snaps you post will disappear after some time. 

There are also ways to diversify your posts if you think they’re getting a bit stale. For example, you can include captions in your snaps. You also have the option of drawing over them. Adding background music is also an option. Of course, you have the option of adding a Snapchat filter or lens.


No matter how many social media marketing ideas and strategies you implement, you’ll hardly get anywhere if you don’t have a good grasp of your social media goals. So before you come up with a social media marketing strategy, make sure you’re clear on the top-level goals of your business. This should be the starting point of any marketing strategy.

Also, it might prove difficult to handle all your accounts especially if you’re on several social media platforms. It would be best if you use a social media management tool to help you manage all your profiles.

But don’t forget that if you need help and don’t have the right skills in-house, you could always outsource to a social media marketing agency. And let them do the heavy lifting so you can focus more on core business tasks.

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