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30 WordPress People You Should Follow on Twitter

Are you looking to boost your WordPress knowledge or get the latest updates on themes, plugins, and more? Today, we list 30 WordPress people to follow on Twitter, an exhaustive guide to the most influential industry innovators, experts, and pioneers, as well as those brands no WordPress user should be without.


1. @WPLift (WPLift)

Yes, that’s us. Our official WordPress Twitter account is the first place to get all of our latest WordPress news, reviews, and how-tos, keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments to our favorite CMS.
Follow WPLift on Twitter

2. @Photomatt (Matt Mullenweg)

The man who started it all. Matt Mullenweg is the original founding developer of WordPress whose annual ‘State of the Word’ address is always worth a listen for serious WP aficionados.
Follow Matt Mullenweg on Twitter

3. @WordPress (WordPress)

You can’t have a listen of the 30 most important WordPress people to follow on Twitter without including WordPress itself. @WordPress is the official Twitter account for the self-hosted version of the platform and is usually the first place to get all of the new updates and developments straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.
Follow WordPress on Twitter

4. @Devalk (Joost de Valk)

Joost de Valk is the creator of the game-changing SEO plugin Yoast and continues to share informative tweets about SEO for WordPress. While you’re at it, you might want to follow the official @Yoast plugin account too.
Follow Joost de Valk on Twitter

5. @Bgardner (Brian Gardner)

Even if you’re not familiar with the name Brian Gardner, you’ll soon recognize his work -or at least the influence his work has had on modern WordPress sites.

Brian was the first person to put premium WordPress themes, creating not only a whole new market but a whole new way of thinking about the possibilities of WordPress.
Follow Brian Gardner on Twitter 

6. @WooCommerce (WooCommerce)

Much as with Yoast, there can’t be many WordPress users out there who aren’t at least familiar with WooCommerce, even if they don’t actually use it themselves.

The WooCommerce Twitter account is a mixture of the latest news and developments along with handy hints and advice on how to make the most of this powerful plugin.
Follow WooCommerce on Twitter

7. @Mikejolley (Mike Jolley)

Speaking of WooCommerce, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the tool’s original developers, Mike Jolley.

Mike’s blog is a melting pot of personal tidbits and juicy updates on the things he’s working on at Woocommerce, including Gutenberg Blocks for WooCommerce.
Follow Mike Jolley on Twitter

8. @DevelopWC (Develop WooCommerce)

As the name implies, Develop WooCommerce shares the latest updates from the WoOCommerce development blog so that you’re never more than a tweet away from trying out new features and updates.
Follow Develop WooCommerce on Twitter

9. @Elegantthemes (Elegant Themes)

Many of the best-selling WordPress themes on the market come from Elegant Themes, the same team that gave us the Divi page builder. Their Twitter account is a great place to find out about discounts, freebies, and other special offers.
Follow Elegant Themes on Twitter

10. @HeyAdamSilver (Adam Silver)

A passionate WordPress user, Adam Silver hosts the entertaining and highly informative KitchenSink WP podcast.
Follow Adam Silver on Twitter

11. @Alice_Elliot (Alice Elliott)

Hugely influential as a WordPress blogger, Alice Elliot has won numerous awards for her insightful posts and WordPress training and remains a great person to follow for tips on marketing your site.
Follow Alice Elliot on Twitter

12. @Elemntor (Elementor)

Boasting more than five million active installs, Elementor is the number one WordPress website builder on the market. Their Twitter account features relevant news, updates, webinars, and more.
Follow Elementor on Twitter

13. @Markjaquith (Mark Jaquith) 

A lead developer of WordPress, Mark Jaquith was instrumental in helping make WordPress the CMS powerhouse it is today.
Follow Mark Jaquith on Twitter

14. @W3edge (W3 EDGE)

W3 Edge is the creator of W3 Total Cache, the leading plugin for optimizing your WordPress website speed.
Follow W3 Edge on Twitter

15. @Williamsba (Brad Wiliams)

A popular expert on, and passionate advocate for, WordPress, Brad Williams founded WebDevStudios, one of the most successful WordPress agencies in the US. He also writes -and podcasts- about all things WordPress.
Follow Brad Williams on Twitter

16. @LisaSabinWilson (Lisa Sabin-Williams)

Along with starting WebDevStudios with Brad Williams, Lisa Sabin-Williams is also the brains behind that genius WordPress for Dummies many newcomers find so incredibly helpful.
Follow Lisa Sabin-Williams on Twitter

17. @BillErickson (Bill Erickson)

Few WordPress influencers boast a bigger online following than Bill Erickson. Beginning his career building WordPress sites for businesses, he today contributes to the development of WordPress as well as the Genesis theme framework.
Follow Bill Erickson on Twitter

18. @YouTooCanBeGuru (Bridget Willard)

Bridget Willard is a marketing specialist who helps people learn to make a success of their WordPress websites and is a regular speaker at the annual WordCamp events.
Follow Bridget Willard on Twitter

19. @WPFreelance (WordPress Freelance)

Love WordPress but don’t have the time or technical know-how to do everything yourself? WordPress Freelance is your one-stop-shop for theme design, plugins, programming, and more.
Follow WordPress Freelance on Twitter

20. @WPDiscover (WordPress Discover)

If you love WordPress as much as we do, you’ll love this carefully curated feed of stories and inspiration from the WP community.
Follow WordPress Discover on Twitter

21. @WPAccessibility (WordPress Accessibility Team)

Accessibility matters more than ever. This is the group doing their part to make WordPress more accessible for all.
Follow WordPress Accessibility Team on Twitter

22. @Themeskingdom (Themes Kingdom)

Giving Elegant Themes a serious run for their money, Themes Kingdom designs some of the best responsive WordPress themes we’ve come across.
Follow Themes Kingdom on Twitter

23. @Wphired (WP Hired)

Looking for a job in WordPress design or development? WPHired is the place to look.
Follow WPHired on Twitter

24. @adii (Adii Pienaar)

Adii Pienaar is an entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of WooThemes. His blog is packed full of insight and awesome advice for those on the entrepreneurial path.
Follow Adii Pienaar on Twitter

25. @Nathanrice (Nathan Rice)

In 2010, Nathan Rice created the Genesis Framework which lies at the heart of modern WordPress design.
Follow Nathan Rice on Twitter

26. @Ozh (Ozh Richard)

Ozh Richard’s WordPress plugins have been downloaded over a million times, so you could say he was the best man for the job when it came to writing a book all about how to develop your own plugins.
Follow Ozh Richard on Twitter

27. @Mattmedeiros Matt Medeiros

A must-follow for anyone passionate about WordPress, Matt Medeiros not only runs a popular WordPress design and development agency but also produces multiple WP-related podcasts and interviews many of the leading names associated with the CMS.
Follow Matt Medeiros on Twitter

28. @Perishable (Jeff Starr)

If you’re into WordPress development then Jeff Starr is the man to follow. He writes, publishes, and talks about coding, WordPress security, and all things dev.
Follow Jeff Starr on Twitter

29. @chriscoyier (Chris Coyier)

Though Chris Coyier doesn’t focus exclusively on WordPress, he is one of the web’s leading experts on CSS, making his Twitter account an invaluable resource for WordPress developers.
Follow Chris Coyier on Twitter

30. @Automattic (Automattic)

Last but by no means least, how could we leave out Automattic, the organization behind WordPress, WooCommerce, and Jetpack, as well as Tumblr and other popular online tools.
Follow Automattic on Twitter

Who Are Your WordPress Heroes?

Is there anyone you think we should have added to this list? Get in touch with us on Twitter @WPLift and let us know!

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