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27 Engaging Facebook Post Ideas (With Examples)

Do you need new Facebook post ideas?

While Facebook may not be the trendiest social network these days, it still has one of the largest audiences of any social network.

The challenge? It’s becoming harder and harder to come up with engaging post ideas. This is especially true for marketers who have been doing it for a while now.

In this post, you’ll find a bunch of engaging Facebook post ideas. Complete with examples.

Use these ideas to keep your followers engaged and continue growing your brand.

Ready? Let’s get started:

1. Showcase your products

This is probably the most obvious use case for Facebook posts so let’s get it out of the way first. 

Facebook is one of the best platforms to showcase products to potential customers. Not only can you upload multiple photos to one post, but you can even create albums to sort images by theme.

Product posts also give you instant feedback from active Facebook followers. They can leave comments telling you exactly what they think. Or they can leave a like if they’re not feeling as chatty. 

You’re free to post images of the product by itself. But it would be better if you use models using your product in a real-world setting. That way, your followers would know how your product can improve their lives.

And if you can post videos, you’ll be able to show off your product’s features more effectively.

2. Collaborate with other brands

If you have a working relationship with other brands or properties, then use a Facebook post to hype up the collaboration.

Businesses aren’t the only ones that can benefit from such an arrangement. Influencers can do the same, especially if this is a collaboration that their followers have been looking forward to. The same is true for content creators.

Of course, those who are just starting out will not be in a position to pursue such an arrangement. But those who are lucky enough should make the most out of it by posting about their collaborations on their Facebook business page.

3. Introduce a new product

Businesses can use Facebook posts to introduce the public to a new product. Your followers will want every bit of information they can get about new products you’re releasing. So it only makes sense for you to deliver whatever information you can as soon as possible.

Making an announcement will also help you gauge just how much demand there is for the new product. If a lot of people end up talking about it, you can anticipate just how many people will end up buying it in the first couple of days or weeks.

It’s also a good idea to talk about products that are being released for a limited time. The same goes for products that will be part of a special promotion you’re about to launch.  

4. Ask a question

If you’re just looking to fill in a couple of days in your content calendar, you can create a Facebook post where you ask a simple question. 

The question doesn’t need to be overly complicated at all. In fact, you’ll want to stick to a question that’s easy to answer. This increases the chance of your Facebook audience responding to your post.

Posting a question by itself might not grab the attention of your followers. So you’ll want to add an image, video, or GIF to help the Facebook post stand out.

Your questions don’t have to be about your products. You can ask general questions like how your audience is doing or what type of content they’d like to see on your business’ Facebook page.

5. Announce changes to the business

Are you making any changes to the company that will affect your customers? Then use a Facebook post to announce these changes to avoid confusing your followers.

Let your followers know that you’re moving to another location, changing your phone number, or updating your operating hours.

You can also use a Facebook post to announce that you’re removing a product from your inventory. 

If you don’t think that a Facebook post is sufficient enough to explain the changes you’re making, you can link to a blog post that contains all the other details.

You’ll want to accompany the announcement with an image to make sure that the post grabs the attention of your followers. You might even consider using an image that conveys the message right away.

6. Make a holiday post

Grab a calendar and make a note of all the upcoming holidays. You can then create Facebook posts for every one of them or pick specific ones that best work for your brand. It’s totally up to you.

The truth is that you should be doing this across all your social media platforms. Greeting customers is not only a good way of promoting products but also cheering up those who have supported your brand.

It should be pointed out that you don’t have to stick to the big holidays. There are niche holidays that not everyone knows about. Some people refer to these as social media holidays. Some examples of social media holidays include national sticker day, national send a card to a friend day, and random acts of kindness day.

If you try hard enough, you might find a social media holiday that meshes well with your brand’s core values. And if you do, publishing a Facebook post about it would surely help.

7. Celebrate milestones

Are you celebrating your company’s founding anniversary? Is your product turning one year older? Did your business win an award?

Your followers would love to hear all about your achievements. So if you’re running out of Facebook post ideas, why not talk about your latest milestones?

Do you know what else is great about celebrating milestones? It doesn’t have to be one-and-done. Generate multiple posts around one milestone by building a whole campaign around it. You can post fun facts, contests, FAQs, throwbacks, and other types of content that are all about celebrating one milestone.

That should fill up your content calendar quickly.

8. Share tips with your target audience

Not everyone in your Facebook community will know everything there is to know about your product. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to post tips from time to time.

Tips can cover a wide range of topics. You can share tips on how customers can maximize their trips to your store. You can talk about all the ways they can save money. And you can talk about all the different ways they can use your products to improve their lives. 

It’s also possible to cover tips that relate to your industry but not necessarily about your products. For example, a lawnmower company might post tips about lawn care in general. You don’t have to write about your products all the time.

If you don’t think a Facebook post would be sufficient enough to cover the topic, make a blog post and link to it instead.

9. Talk about great deals

You know what’s never a bad Facebook post idea? Promoting anything that can help customers save money on products. It’s one of the easiest Facebook post ideas. And there’s no doubt that it’s going to drive up your sales.

Are you doing a special Facebook giveaway? Announcing a promotion?

If you have the resources, a video announcement might get you the most engagement. But a simple image might produce the same effect. Needless to say, you’ll get the most out of the assets you create by posting them on all your social media channels and not just on Facebook.

Those that have an online store could insert a link pointing to a product landing page. But what if you have a physical store? It never hurts to add directions or contact details that your followers can use to learn more about the event. 

You can even make a series of announcements. You could first post a teaser before gradually revealing the sale over the next couple of days.

10. Get people to share their stories

Use your social media platform to share user-generated content. To do that, you’ll need to ask your followers to share stories about how your product made an impact on their lives. 

While some will share their stories without compensation, incentivizing people will get you the most results. What reward to give will be completely up to you. Some give away discounts. Others make a contest out of it.

Why would you want to use your Facebook page to get stories from customers?

First, endorsements from actual customers are great especially if you’re not getting coverage from professional reviewers in your category. In fact, some users will prefer to hear reviews from average users. 

Second, you can turn each story into its own Facebook post. Having a couple of these will give you more Facebook post options.

11. Do a contest

Starting a contest is one way to get your followers to take action. If you want people to do something like share your social media posts, use a specific hashtag, or buy a product then you can incentivize them by launching a Facebook contest. 

One of the few downsides to doing a contest is that it involves a prize that some businesses might not be able to afford. This is especially true for those that are just starting out.

That said, you can partner up with other brands and run a co-branded contest instead.

They provide the prize(s). And you handle the rest of it. Fair deal, right?

Regardless, It’s amazing how effective contests can be. And they rarely fail to generate engagement. If the contest mechanics aren’t that difficult, you’ll always find people who’d be willing to take a crack at it.

You can choose to run them in a bunch of ways. You can run them solely on Facebook or you could run them across platforms. That said, for cross platform contests, I’d highly recommend using a contest app like SweepWidget.

The app will provide an interface where participants can perform specific actions to enter the contest. For example, subscribing to your YouTube channel or following you on Twitter. All you do is set up the contest, embed it onto a page on your site and promote the link across anywhere you can.

12. Do a countdown

Counting down to a release date is an easy way to get your followers hyped especially if it’s for a much-anticipated product or event.

Online marketers like doing countdowns because it lets them create multiple posts using the same format. Think about it. You can use the same template for multiple posts since you’re only changing the number as you count down to one.

Countdown posts are also great because you can create more posts the further out you start. If you start your countdown 7 days before the launch, you’ll get a week’s worth of content out of it.

But don’t get carried away. Posting too many of these might annoy your followers. You’ll have to mix in other Facebook post ideas. And only do countdowns for big product releases. Don’t do it for launches that you don’t think the majority of your audience would care about.

13. Demonstrate how a product works

Product demonstration videos perform really well on sites like YouTube. And there’s no reason why they can’t work as Facebook posts. You can even argue that they’ll perform better on social media platforms since anyone interested in your brand is more likely to follow you there.

These demonstrations don’t need to have high production value though it would be nice if you could set aside some budget for them. You can shoot a video using your phone camera to demonstrate how your product works. A friend can shoot the video while you appear on camera or you can use a tripod to shoot yourself.

You can publish Facebook videos straight away or take the time to make some edits to clean it up a bit.

14. Inspire your Facebook followers

It doesn’t take a lot to create inspiring Facebook posts. Even a short phrase will do sometimes. If you can connect an inspiring sentiment to your brand, your followers will associate your company with that positive feeling.

You can even use inspirational quotes to convey what your product can do for potential buyers.

Want to make your Facebook content more powerful? Post photos and videos to help users visualize your message. And you don’t have to make your inspirational message revolve around your product if you don’t want to. Some businesses, especially smaller ones, just like spreading positivity.

And best of all, you can be as creative as you want to be. 

15. Post a meme

Memes offer a fun way to interact with a community. However, it does require you to have some knowledge of what each meme means and how to use it properly. Use it the wrong way and it could backfire on you. 

But if you have an understanding of how to use memes, then you can use them as Facebook posts.

There are plenty of memes out there. So you’ll definitely find one that would suit your needs. 

16. Share useful information

Great Facebook content ideas can come from anywhere. If there’s an event that’s worth talking about or you have a cause that you support, use your voice to get the message out.

But if you’re going to do this, you’ll want to make sure that it’s something your Facebook audience can all get behind. If you post something divisive, it could lead to a toxic debate in the comments section — something you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

You can share additional information about the cause by adding photos or videos. And you can add a link to a resource page where Facebook users can get more information if they want to.

17. Share content from the community 

Sharing content from your Facebook community is something you should strive to do regularly. When customers post content that celebrates your brand, you should reward their efforts by acknowledging them — and reposting their content is one way of doing just that.

What you choose to share with the community will be up to you. But images that feature your product are a good start. If you received positive feedback, that’s worth reposting too. If there are photos or videos of customers having fun with your product, see if the original poster will allow you to share these with the community.

You can also ask the community to use a specific hashtag if they want their photos and videos to get featured.

18. Do a poll

The best Facebook posts are the ones that get the most engagement. And nothing gets people talking more than polls. Why? Because passionate fans of your brand would love to get their voices heard.

Polls can be about anything. You can do polls about your products. If you want to gauge what your followers think about a certain issue, you can do a poll to get their sentiments. And if there are new features you’d like to implement, use a poll to see if these are things that your community would like to see.

19. Publish behind-the-scenes photos and videos

Having a Facebook page gives you the opportunity to post exclusive photos and videos including behind-the-scenes stills and footage. Posting content that people won’t get to see elsewhere gives them a reason to follow you on social media.

Behind-the-scenes content can also serve as teasers for projects that you’re currently working on.

If nothing else, these photos and videos help your followers get to know you and your team better. Posting these will not only help your audience get to know you better as a company but also give them a glimpse of your company culture. 

What type of photos and videos should you show?

You can give your followers a tour of your office. Show them how products get made and how your employees interact with each other when there are no customers around. Doing these things will make your followers like your brand more because it humanizes your brand. Just make sure you don’t accidentally leak sensitive information.

20. Introduce new employees

Businesses can use Facebook posts to introduce new employees to their followers. In fact, there are companies that do this already. And it’s a great way to show your followers that your company is continuously growing.

This is even more beneficial for small- to medium-sized businesses with physical locations. Introducing your new hires through social media will keep loyal customers up to date with your staffing changes.

On a related note, you can use Facebook to post job openings as well. Interested applicants can apply using a link or email address that you provide. You can do the same for your Instagram posts and YouTube videos but Facebook and LinkedIn might be the best platform for this type of content.

21. Play a game

Sometimes your Facebook fans need a break from what they’re doing. That’s why it helps when brands post simple games on their Facebook business pages. 

Games don’t have to be complicated. Facebook marketing experts will tell you that simpler games will likely create more interaction than those that require more thinking. You will have to make assets for this type of post though so you’ll need help from graphic designers at the very least.

Posting games every day might be too much. However, posting a game now and then can help keep your Facebook engagement numbers up.

22. Share a recipe

This type of Facebook post might not apply to everyone. Those that are in the food industry can share recipes. Your page followers will surely like discovering a new recipe every time they visit your social media pages.

You can create videos or publish blog content and link to it in the post. If you have the resources for it, you can even try recording a cooking show and broadcasting it in real-time through Facebook Live.

Make sure you feature ingredients or equipment that your followers can buy from you to give your sales a little boost. Not only do these posts do well on Facebook but on Instagram and TikTok as well. Be as creative as you can be but try to keep it as concise as possible so your viewer won’t lose interest.

23. Do a throwback post

When you’re running out of Facebook post ideas, you can always turn to throwback content to fill up your social media calendar.

Throwback posts are good for businesses that have posted a lot of evergreen content. For the unfamiliar, evergreen content refers to posts that are always relevant. If you see old posts that you think your audience will still enjoy today, feel free to repost them.

You’ll have to spread out your throwback posts though. If all you do are throwbacks, your followers will catch on eventually. 

24. Highlight your customers

You can highlight customers that have done well for themselves with the help of your products. It’s one way you could give back to your community while inspiring them at the same time.

If you know customers that started a business using some of your products or services, you can interview them and have these people share their journey. Do everything you can to make sure that your followers will find information that they can use. 

Interviews can be recorded and posted as a video. However, you can also publish the interview in a blog post and share the link to your Facebook page. 

25. Tell a joke

Honestly, brands telling jokes on social media can be hit or miss. But there are businesses that can absolutely pull it off. It does require a social media team that understands the brand’s core values and internet culture in general. More importantly, the team needs to know how to balance both.

Tell a joke - example

If you’re going to try telling jokes, you should know which ones won’t offend your brand’s fans. And you wouldn’t want to post anything divisive either. You want to spread joy and not start an argument in the comments section.

26. Share your location

Is your business always on the move? Then don’t forget to share your location with customers. This applies to food trucks, pop-up stores, and other establishments that never stay in one place.

This type of Facebook post also works for stores that are about to move to another address temporarily or permanently. You’ll want to use every social media channel you have at your disposal to notify customers ahead of time.

Don’t forget to also share your operating hours. Attaching a map will help your customers locate you faster.

27. Talk about your collaborations

If you’re working with a celebrity endorser, organization, or influencer, you can talk about it in a Facebook post. Collaborating with other brands and personalities is crucial because it legitimizes your brand in the eyes of your followers.

It’s even better if you end up working with people whose beliefs align with your brand’s core values. 

Even collaborations with smaller influencers in your product category are worth mentioning since it helps you become an authority figure in your niche.


Facebook is still a social network not to be ignored, as these statistics show.

Today, we’ve covered just some of the best Facebook post ideas that social media marketers use to fill up their content calendars.

But you don’t have to use all of them at once. Pick a few content types and see how your followers interact with them. See what works and replace those that didn’t. As you switch things around and improve your Facebook strategy, you’ll realize which post ideas you should continue to invest in.

Don’t forget to change the days and times you publish your posts. What works for one business might not work for another. You’ll need to know what times and days your followers are most active on Facebook to get the most out of every post.

Finally, it’s worth noting that it makes sense to schedule your Facebook posts in advance.

The platform does have its own built-in scheduler, but third-party tools generally offer a better experience. Check out our roundup of social schedulers to learn more.

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