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25 Best Free Themes of October 2018

It’s a common situation that you have a great idea for a website or some type of a blog, but when it comes to the design of your site or blog many questions come to your mind, and you get stuck while searching for the best design option.

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Luckily, if you use WordPress, there are many already created designs which can be applied immediately. This is a quick guide through some of the best free WordPress themes, and we hope that it’ll be helpful.


This colorful and free WordPress theme is designed for publishers and writers of all kind. With this theme, you can create a good-looking website which serves as your traveling journal, or you can use it for publishing some other web content.

It’s easy to customize so you can spend more time thinking about your content and much less time doing designing things. This theme is a perfect choice for the presentation of your online content, so be sure that you checked everything it has to offer you.

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If you plan on creating a fancy-looking lifestyle, traveling or even a cooking blog, you should definitely check PridMag WordPress theme. PridMag is such a well-designed minimalistic WP theme which gives you a chance to easily present your website content in a pretty fashionable manner.

PridMag is a highly customizable theme and gives you a plenty of options to adjust it according to your design needs. So if you choose to use this awesome WP theme, you certainly won’t make a mistake and the people who visit your site will enjoy as well.

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Blog Kit

This versatile WordPress theme is just what you need if you’re stuck at thinking about the design of your fresh new website. Blog Kit is a simple, clean and lightweight theme which goes along pretty fine with any type of content on your website. So, whatever you’re about to present to people on your new site, Blog Kit can become your immutable partner.

Blog Kit is compatible with elementor page builder, and it is a speed-optimized theme with 95% GTMetrix PageSpeed Score. All in all, don’t miss to check out this fast and elegant WP theme.

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So, you’re about to start a site about traveling and you’re ready to share your awesome experiences, but you want a theme which can present your content as good as possible? Blogrid is your perfect choice then because it’s a clean and creative blog theme for bloggers and writers.

Blogrid is very responsive and it’ll make your site look awesome on any device. The minimal and simple design of this theme makes it suitable for many purposes, so aside from traveling you’ll be able to use it for any sort of blog or website you want. It’s SEO optimized, and it’s optimized for AdSense and other ads programs.

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Experon Minimal

If you want a free, good-looking professional theme, then check Experon Minimal WP theme. This theme is perfect if you want to start a business or blog website and it has a pretty intuitive and responsive layout which makes it perfectly easy for anyone to navigate through your website content.

It’s as well HD retina ready and comes with lots of powerful theme options which enable you to easily change your site without any code knowledge. This theme is compatible with WooCommerce, WPML, Polylang, Flat Parallay Slider and many more cool WP features.

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Your new blog or website will look awesome if you choose to download and use Blogrow WordPress theme. This is a very responsive, high-resolution theme for personal and traveling blogs.

Blogrow theme comes with features such as unlimited accent colors, unlimited widget areas, 0-1 sidebars to the left or right which can be specified for each page or post, 300 px fixed width sidebar, 0-4 footer widget columns and almost zero layout images. So this theme is a great choice for your new website and be sure that you didn’t miss to check it out.

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 This theme is perfect for a shopping website as it’s compatible with WooCommerce and has a design which can present any sort of products at their finest. StoreCommerce is an advanced, powerful and extremely flexible WordPress theme which is completely integrated with WooCommerce plugin.

It’s built with thorough research on modern online shopping sites and the eCommerce functionality in mind. StoreCommerce offers you many customization options, and it’s designed in such a way that any sort of product can be presented.

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Your fashion blog has a new companion which is there to make your site or blog look fantastic. Advik Blog Lite is a lightweight theme which has a minimalistic design and lots of cool features which enhance user experience. One of the coolest things about this theme is that it’s optimized for all the devices, so you don’t have to worry about the way it’ll look on them.

So there can be no mistake if you choose to use this WP theme for your new website and besides fashion, it’ll go along pretty well with personal content on your website or some cool blog posts about your traveling experiences.

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Logus is a perfect theme if you have a small business which you want to present online. This minimalistic WP theme is designed to make user-experience flawless and to present what you do as clear as possible. Logus theme has a very professional design, so your website will look pretty serious and elegant.

There are many commercial optimizations that come along with this WP theme, so basically, all your business needs are fulfilled with it. Make sure that you don’t miss what this theme has to offer and start using it as soon as possible.

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Full Click

This WP theme is really a good-looking one and it’s a very good choice for a personal or traveling blog. This theme includes multiple awesome design features like featured slider, services, who we are, portfolio, call to action, review section, blog, contact section etc.

Full Click theme is highly responsive, and your website will surely look great on any device possible. This theme gives you everything you want, from the cool design to a great user experience, this theme has it all.  So if you’re starting a website, make sure that you check this one out.

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Software Company

Software Company is a WP theme which is designed for creating a mobile-responsive, fast loading and SEO optimized website for small business, IT company, software company etc. This multipurpose theme is designed for your users to have a great experience while scrolling and clicking through it as it looks beautiful and it’s easy-to-use.

You don’t need to know any code if you want to customize it, so make sure that you explore all the powerful customization options that this WP theme offers. The eye-catching design of the theme adjusts itself to the screen size of any device, so it gives you one worry less.

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Creamery Lite

If you’re a chef and a cooking maestro who wants to present his or her skills and recipes online, then this theme is created just for you. The creamery Lite is a smooth, clear and minimalistic free food and bakery WP theme. This theme is designed specifically for bakery and it serves as a prime example of how you should present your bakery or any other food business online.

The simple design of this theme is created in the flat style and has a beautiful homepage section to present your products. This theme is, as well, highly responsive and multipurpose, so be quick to enjoy all of its features.

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This WordPress theme is made for industries like tourism or hotel bookings. So if your business is a part of these fastest-growing industries right now, be sure that you use Travern WP theme to present your business online and get in touch with your potential customers. Travern theme helps you create an exceptionally good-looking site in a matter of minutes.

Travern is a highly-customizable theme which gives you many options to adjust the looks of your site any time you want. As well, this theme is very responsive and optimized to look awesome on virtually any device there is right now.

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Savona Edge

Ideal for a news website or a personal blog, Savona Edge comes with many great features which can help you create a beautifully-looking website. This is a free multi-purpose WP theme with many cool design features like a wide range of colors you can use and it’s a great choice for any kind of blog or website from fashion to some professionally-oriented site.

This theme is fully responsive and comes with clean, modern-looking minimal design. It’s as well WooCommerce compatible and SEO friendly so your site will be really enhanced by the looks and the functionality of this theme.

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Trending Blog

Trending Blog theme is designed to be an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly WordPress theme and it meets its own criteria very well. This WP theme is exceptionally responsive and its design makes it look awesome on any device, but aside from the aesthetics of it, the functionality is one of this theme’s key features.

Its versatile looks make this theme suitable for any kind of web content you’re about to present, so check out what this theme has to offer. Especially if you’re new to blogging and WordPress in general, this theme will serve as a great intro.

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Spangle Lite

Designed specifically for interior design blogs or sites, Spangle Lite theme comes with a clean and minimal design, which combined with functionality, makes this theme a perfect choice for an interior design blog. Spangle Lite is also awesome if you want to use it for some business, corporate, architecture, construction, design or some other purposes as it’s looks are pretty versatile.

This theme has an attractive and minimalist design which focuses the user’s attention on the content you want to present. This theme is very easy to use and is translation ready.

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Shuttle V Magazine

If you have a restaurant, or some business dealing with sports or medicine, this WP theme might be the best design-choice for you. It has a multi-purpose design with widget areas in the footer, so now it’s even easier for you to create a good-looking website which is not hard to customize.

The responsiveness of this theme is one of the key things this theme has to offer as you don’t have to spend a second worrying about how it’ll look on any device or is it functional. This theme is fully compatible with eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce and Jigoshop so it’s business-ready to the maximum.

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Foodie Blog

 This WP theme is specifically designed for a restaurant review/food blog, but it can be used as well for newspapers blog, or if you’re a writer, the looks of this theme can be a very good design option for you. Foodie Blog is both fast and SEO optimized, and it’s a perfect example of how one theme should look and serve nowadays.

There are many customization options which are easy to apply and easy to use. The sidebar and header widgets are designed to be perfect for Adsense affiliate links or whatever else you want to put there.

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Perfect for lifestyle blogs or photography sites, Adri WP theme comes with plenty of features which make I easy for you to find a design solution for your website.

SEO optimized and easy to use and customize, this WP theme is a great relief for anyone who struggles to find a theme which will present his or her web content the best. So worry no more and use what this theme has to offer, the results will be instantly obvious and the functionality of this theme will impress both you and your website visitors.

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Texton is a multipurpose WP theme, but it’s especially good when it comes to the design and functionality of your business website. This is an extremely fast WP theme, designed specially to be SEO optimized and easy-to-use for your website visitors.

This theme comes with cross-browser compatibility, mobile-friendly design and responsive features which makes it satisfying for anyone to navigate through your online content. Easy-to-use and easy-to-customize, Texton is a real example of how a theme should look and operate.

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Magazine Press

The name of this theme says almost everything. This WP theme is a perfect choice for someone who wants to start an online magazine dealing with any sort of subjects. This is a lightweight theme, but its looks will impress you.

This is surely one of the best WordPress themes designed for newspapers, news portal, news website, magazine, blog, bloggers, photographers, etc. Its versatile design makes this theme suitable for almost any purpose, and its functionality never lets you down.

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Kimbo Lite

This clean and elegant theme is designed to be a perfect choice for someone who wants to start a company or a small business website. This theme is functional and good-looking on any device, and it makes it so easy for you to customize it and adjust its looks according to what you need.

You can easily add your social media links so your website can lead your visitors to your social media profiles. Kimbo Lite is a very user-friendly theme, so you should try what it has to offer and consider it to become a design-choice for your blog or website.

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Education Method

This yet another theme which is perfectly described by its name. Education Method theme is especially designed for websites which are focused on education and the subjects which deal with themes concerning college life, university issues etc. But it can be used for other purposes as well because its design is pretty versatile.

With the unique set of widgets available in the theme, users can play with them and design it beautifully. Different kind of sections are available such as Team Widget, Course Section, etc.

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Fitness Business

This beautiful and elegant theme is specifically designed for sites and blogs which deal with fitness business and issues. It’s suitable for fitness centers, magazines and bloggers and gym and health-related business in general. The clean and lean code lays in the foundations of this theme so it loads quickly and is very user-friendly.

The theme options panel in WP customizer lets you edit your content in real-time. This means that you can play around with the looks of your site without any code-knowledge and it’s yet another thing which makes this theme awesome.

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Business Blue

Business Blue is a multipurpose, SEO friendly theme which is a perfect choice for someone who wants to start a business website or blog. This theme has a lot of awesome design features which make it easier for you to present your content and to put ads on your site.

Its eCommerce optimizations make this theme a perfect partner in your online businesses, so be sure that you explore all the benefits this theme carries with itself. So, whatever type of business you started, this theme will be your best companion for sure.

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