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15 of the Best WordPress Podcast Themes

There’s no doubting that the audience for podcasts is increasing steadily. Podcasts have become a convenient way for people to catch up on their favorite shows, listen to music or stay in touch with current news while on the go. Creating content for podcasting websites is a full time job by itself. That’s why it’s important to have a theme that takes care of all the technical details of your website. This collection of best WordPress podcast themes can help you find just the theme you need.

There are certain features that are quite necessary in WordPress podcast themes.

For instance, you’ll need an audio / video player for your audience to tune in. You’ll need sections where fans can check on artist bios, scan the latest episodes and seasons, or get information / tickets for live shows or events. Selling tracks, tickets or access to premium content will all matter if you’re in it for the money. Sharing and other social media features can help build and increase your fan base. Moreover, you can improve your content marketing by writing about episodes or adding a blog section.

So, go ahead and check if any of these WordPress podcast themes fit your requirements.

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