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14 of the Best WordPress Dev Tools of 2018 … Non-Cliche & Non-Obvious

If you’re looking for a simple solution for continuous integration and delivery, then Buddy Works is the best place to start. Of all the CI/CD tools available, Buddy has the best UI for easy building, testing, and deployment.

Buddy Works will integrate with GutHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and private repositories to provide automatic deployments to FTP/SFTP and cloud service like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Digital Ocean. It is Docker-based, but supports Kubernetes right out the box. It also supports multiple languages from PHP, C++, .NET, Node.js, Golang and more.

It sounds odd to say but the ease of setup and, far superior, UX make Buddy Works the standout tool of the year. It will also reduce your required tools with strong DevOps and website monitoring actions. You will even be able to use SSH scripts to help reduce your tool load. You will also enjoy the reduced update time with changed files deployed rather than the whole repository.

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